“If we all talked honestly about what's really happening in our sex lives, we'd realise that we're all normal because it's going to be about diversity.”

Betty Dodson


Sex therapy isn’t cringe-worthy or embarrassing, it is a specialization where the therapist will focus on a person's sexual history, their relationships, mental health and overall view of sex and sexuality which can be impacting a person's sexual well-being.  People may come to sex therapy for a variety of reasons, such as low desire, issues with achieving orgasms, focusing on performance, just to name a few.  Our certified Sexologist, Jessica Crowe will see clients individually and also as couples.

Sex therapists are trained to impart education about physiological and emotional functioning of sexuality. Jess will provide clients with specific techniques and strategies to help enhance sexual wellness and fulfillment and will tailor treatment to meet each client or couples unique needs. Sex therapy can be used in conjunction with traditional psychotherapy to treat the whole of a person's needs and sessions can vary depending on each person's goals of treatment. Already seeing a therapist? No problem, since sex therapy is a specialization you can still come to see a sex therapist as an additional support to resolve specific sexual issues.

 If you are in the Kitchener-Waterloo or surrounding areas and interested in learning more about Sex Therapy, call or email to book an appointment or a free consultation at 226-338-4158 or info@exhaletherapy.ca.