“It’s fixing mistakes that matters-even just the willingness to try again”

Deborah Blum

Therapy for couples dealing with infidelity, neglect, communication issues, boundaries, and everyday issues.

No relationship is without obstacles. Life’s daily challenges can strain our partnerships, leaving us feeling frustrated and misunderstood. Inviting the perspective of both partners, couples counselling can help to restore communication and intimacy.

Making the decision to begin couples counselling can feel like a big step. It involves both members admitting that things are not perfect in their partnership, which can be extremely difficult and scary. At Exhale Therapy, we provide a safe space for both you and your partner to be open and honest with each other. Our counsellors can equip you with tools that will help you connect, hear, and understand each other much better.

If you are in Kitchener-Waterloo and surrounding areas and interested in couples counselling, call us at 226-338-4158 or email at info@exhaletherapy.ca to set up an appointment.