Hello, and Welcome to Exhale Therapy!

You are so brave for taking the first and most difficult step towards mental wellness. We are truly glad you’re here!

We know that life at times is complicated, messy and stressful but we aren’t meant to walk this journey alone. Although we are more connected than ever before, we are often left feeling alone and without the support we need. At Exhale Therapy our counsellors are here to walk alongside you on your journey and help you to live a more fulfilling, passionate and exhilarating life. No matter where you find yourself currently, emotionally exhausted, confused or downright hurt, our counsellors bring a natural, authentic and compassionate approach to every session. They will help you gain clarity, strength and wisdom moving forward and provide you with the tools to help bring you to your happiest most truthful self.

Dajana Beckman

Hi, I’m Dajana!

As the founder of Exhale Therapy, I am excited to share both my passion and my story.

Not so long ago, I found myself at an impasse. My job was unfulfilling, my passion-projects had become a chore, and I was anything but comfortable in my own skin. Having fallen into a number of habits that were no longer serving me, it became glaringly obvious that something had to change: namely me. 

I felt the weight on my shoulders and nearly hit rock bottom. After months of struggle with the same results, I decided to see a therapist. The change was unimaginable and slowly the weight started lifting. Little by little, I started transforming into the person I always wanted to be and pieces started falling into place. 

As far back as I can remember, I found myself continuously drawn towards the helping profession. Seeing so many suffer around me, I knew I wanted to make an impact and somehow help others make a lasting change. Armed with this awareness, I eventually connected with a local therapist and partnered together to grow an incredible practice allowing more services in our community.

Looking back on it, I can’t quite explain what gave me the courage to reach out to a complete stranger. But that first step was a milestone! 2018 was a transformative year for me. The knowledge and experience I’ve gained have served me in both my personal life and my professional endeavours. I found a way to transform my discomfort into something extraordinary: and that’s how Exhale Therapy was born. 

I have learned that no matter how dark or uncomfortable things can get, there is always light and hope.

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