Have you experienced feeling chronically distressed and you don’t know why?  Have you felt persistent and excessive worry that interferes with your ability to manage day-to-day life in the way you would prefer to?  Anxiety is a condition that can manifest in emotional symptoms such as excessive worry, distress, and restlessness with feeling on edge; psychological symptoms such as intrusive thoughts or concerns, feeling like there is looming danger or something you are not ready to handle, and difficulty concentrating; and physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, feeling shaky, difficulty breathing, muscle tension, sweating, and difficulty sleeping.

Anxiety is a normal human response that we all experience from time to time. However, when our anxiety becomes frequent and intense, it can start to interfere with our lives. Sometimes the source of our anxiety is very obvious to us, like when we have a strong fear of something. Other times, the source is less obvious which can leave us feeling confused and unsure of how to manage it. Living with anxiety is difficult but there are many treatments available to learn to manage this challenging condition more effectively.

Anxiety often lasts for a long time due to a combination of behavioural and cognitive factors. However, just because you have struggled with anxiety for a long time does not mean that improvements cannot be made. Together, we can work towards understanding your anxiety and address the underlying factors associated with your experience of anxiety. We can create a highly individualized treatment plan and provide you with tools and strategies to make a lasting change.

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