Family therapy involves working with the relationships involved within a family and can help couples, blended families, single parents and their children or traditional families. Family therapy looks at the system of interactions between family members and sees these relationships as significant to overall family health.

Regardless of the origin of the struggles; or whether the ones involved consider it an "individual" or "family" issue, involving families in solutions often benefits the whole family. As family therapy tends to involve the whole family, it is important for direct participation by those who are impacted. The hope of the therapist is to influence conversation in a way that adheres to family strengths while engaging in ways to solve the problem.

If your family is going through a stressful time - anger, sadness, grief, high levels of conflict - family therapy can make a difference. At the onset of treatment, it is common for the therapist to meet with each family member individually and then as a whole.

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