Sand tray therapy is a form of expressive therapy often used when an individual has experienced trauma. This form of therapy is well suited for children who have difficulty naming and talking about their inner feelings and who struggle to talk about trauma. Additionally, it is a useful therapy for those who have trouble expressing themselves.

Sand tray therapy uses a tray of sand and miniature toys and has children telling stories. Children or adults are directed to pick toys for their story and are given time to think about what they need. Typically, stories are directed by the therapist. In sandtray therapy, individuals create an imaginary world that can mimic real world thoughts, feelings and experiences. It's a way for one to talk about the trauma they've experienced using third person language, symbolic and/or metaphoric meaning.

Upon completion of your sandtray story, the client and therapist analyze and discuss the story. Following this discussion, the client and therapist may re-story what was originally told as a way to understanding of their trauma experience. Sandplay therapy may consist of a single session or last as long as several years. With children, parent(s) will typically join the session as an observer.

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